Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about The ProFund Solution and our campaigns.

What is distinctive about The ProFund Solution's fundraising strategy?

The ProFund Solution believes that strategic fundraising must center on volunteers, not staff. The organizations which have conducted The ProFund Solution campaigns have discovered that it is much more sensible to turn a team of volunteers into fundraisers, rather than placing an inordinate burden on a handful of staff members. Organizations have also found it wise to combine numerous mediocre fundraising efforts into one powerful ProFund Solution campaign. One ProFund Solution campaign out-produces many mediocre fundraisers, saving time, energy and generating greater contributions to the cause.

Why is The ProFund Solution System so innovative?

The ProFund Solution System is innovative because it is structured in such a way that the sponsoring organization creates a totally new and powerful fundraising team. The challenge and the responsibilities are wisely divided, resulting in hundreds of first-time donors.

Is the program complicated?

Actually, The ProFund Solution System is surprisingly simple, having been refined through experience in more than 6,000 campaigns with all types of schools, raising hundreds of millions of dollars.

Who makes it happen?

The ProFund Solution Video Guide will assist your organization in building the volunteer leadership team that will be necessary to conduct a successful fundraising campaign. To begin you only need a few volunteers. Each volunteer position has short, specific, and well-defined responsibilities.

What are other ProFund Solution advantages?

In helping to conduct thousands of campaigns across North America, The ProFund Solution has perfected the system and the tools necessary for success. These include materials for training, recruiting, managing the campaign, the creation of your own campaign management website, and much more. And, now with your own Customized State of the Art - Online Software - Website - Video Guide - Step-by-Step Training System - provided by The ProFund Solution (now recognized as the #1 fundraising software available today) which tracks volunteer activity and allows virtual, private/confidential management access of your campaign - YOUR SUCCESS IS IMMINENT.

What is the time requirement for a ProFund Solution Campaign?

The typical ProFund Solution Campaign requires a maximum of 12 weeks of preparation prior to the actual day of event. In the first few weeks the campaign team is recruited and trained. Subsequently, fundraisers are recruited and pledges are raised. In the middle of this process, before the actual event, a recruitment event is held to provide motivation and additional incentives for your fundraising team.

Is it difficult to collect sponsorship pledges?

No! The ProFund Solution Automatic Collection System and Automated Services have been proven/validated to be extremely effective. Most organizations collect at least 95% of all pledges, and many actually exceed the total amount pledged. Of course, The ProFund Solution System provides all the direction and guidance needed to ensure success in all aspects of your campaign.

What is our risk?

None! If you follow the proven and validated ProFund Solution System and Video Guide, you will not fail. The ProFund Solution has been designed to help you manage your complete campaign producing successful results.

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